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Spray Paint Art Mini Candles Variety Pack

3 Pack Spray Paint Art Mini Candles.

Why Spray Paint Art Mini Candles Variety Pack?

Mini candles are great decorations for events, parties, or just to add a pop of color and excitement to a room. We were inspired in creating this item as we were looking for candles that were bigger that tea lights but smaller than the typical candle. This proved to be difficult as many of the candles found were dull in design and lacked variety in colors and fragrances.

Hand Painted Glitter Candle

Midnight Glitter Spray Paint Art Mini Candle

Spray Painted

Our spray painted mini candles variety pack are hand painted are hand-crafted and are unique to the IV & Co. brand. We start the process with glass candle holders that are hand painted in a variety of colors like Aqua, Sea Foam, and Midnight Glitter, with more colors to come. After each candle has been carefully painted they are filled with a wax containing the fragrance of your choice. They may be mini but they boast a wonderful fragrance! These mini candles are perfect little accessories for the household and are great to give as gifts for any holiday or occasion. Not to mention once you have used the entire candle, the glass holders are reusable once washed! Reuse them as coin holders, mini plant holders, and more. We like to put little candies in them to have around the house. We recommend hand washing by wiping the insides with a damp paper towel. Due to product being hand-painted some paint may rub off if not cleaned carefully.

Hand painted mini candles

Aqua Painted Mini Candles

Where to Get?

These candles come as packs of three in one color and fragrance. Can’t choose your color? Choose the variety pack option and receive one each. Interested in a color that you don’t see? Message us and we’d be happy to tailor the item to your needs.

Spray painted mini sea foam candle

Sea Foam Hand Painted Mini Candle

Contact Us

Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Message us at Info@Ivandco.com or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy.